Barry Eustance Flies 3TwentyAviation’s Amazing Airbus A320 Flight Simulator

Barry Eustance Flies 3TwentyAviation's Amazing Airbus A320 Flight Simulator

Play Video about Image of Barry Eustance Principal Consultant of The Sixsess Consultancy in an AIrbus A320 SImulator

I had the great pleasure of recently flying 3TwentyAviation’s Airbus A320 Simulator, located at the BizSpace office facilities at Whiteley, near Southampton.

It’s fixed based, with a wrap-around visual, and this Airbus A320 simulator is extraordinary in its realism, when compared to the actual aircraft.

I’ve logged around 15,000 hours on the Airbus A320, A340-300/600, and the A330, over a quarter of a century, and IMHO, the fidelity of this one is exceptional.

And it would also only take a relatively small flight-model change to have it replicate the A330 too.

Whether it’s preparation for a professional pilot’s Airbus LPC/OPC, command training, or return to the line, everything works – side-sticks, AP disconnect, FCU, overhead panel, ECAM, ND, PFD, MCDUs, FPV, all the centre console instrumentation and controls.


Being an Airbus pilot, this my first “flight” in 4 years, felt like I’d never been away.

So, totally usable whether you’re an aspiring pilot, enthusiast, or a professional pilot preparing for your next check. I’m sure you can think of plenty of other reasons to fly it.

I can, and will, thoroughly endorse this really excellent initiative by the 3TwentyAviation team.

PS: You’ll be as pleasantly surprised as was I when you discover the pricing for flying this Airbus A320 simulator………

Great work!

Comments, thoughts (and requests!) below, please….

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