Exemplars of Leadership Part 3 of 3: Revolutionising Sustainability in Tech

Exemplars of Leadership Part 3 of 3: Revolutionising Sustainability in Tech

In each of this week’s three posts, we give examples of real-world people who have emerged from obscurity, exhibited Kouzes & Posners’ practices of exemplary leadership, and have gone on to define themselves a “great” leader on the global stage.

In a world facing urgent environmental challenges, leaders like Sheryl Sandberg have stepped forward to challenge the process in industry towards embracing sustainability.

By advocating for the integration of renewable energy solutions and pushing for greener practices,

Sandberg has modelled the way towards a more sustainable future.

Her leadership has not only inspired a shared vision of environmental stewardship within the tech community but has also enabled others to act by empowering teams and stakeholders to commit to green initiatives.

This shift towards sustainability underlines the critical role of visionary leadership in driving industry and society at large towards a greener, more sustainable future, demonstrating the power of challenging the status quo and leading by example in the quest for environmental responsibility.

“Leadership is everybody’s business”.

Let’s discuss – what are your thoughts, views, and your experiences?

Thank you.

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