Exemplars of Leadership Part 2 of 3: Jacinda Ardern: Leading with Unity and Empathy

Exemplars of Leadership Part 2 of 3: Jacinda Ardern: Leading with Unity and Empathydd Your Heading Text Here

In each of this week’s three posts, we give examples of real-world people who have emerged from obscurity, exhibited Kouzes & Posners’ practices of exemplary leadership, and have gone on to define themselves a “great” leader on the global stage.

Jacinda Ardern, as New Zealand’s Prime Minister, exemplified leadership that inspired a shared vision and challenged the process throughout her tenure.

Facing adversities such as terrorist attacks, natural calamities, and the pandemic, Ardern’s approach was one of empathy, resilience, and unity.

She enabled others to act, by fostering an inclusive environment where every voice was heard and valued.

Her leadership not only strengthened the nation’s solidarity but has also redefined effective governance on the global stage.

Ardern’s ability to connect, understand, and lead her country through its toughest challenges with compassion and decisiveness demonstrates the profound impact of leadership that embodies empathy, unity, and a clear vision for the future.

“Leadership is everybody’s business”.

Let’s discuss – what are your thoughts, views, and your experiences?

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