How You’ll Find Heroic and Visionary Leaders in Your Organisation

How You’ll Find Heroic and Visionary Leaders in Your Organisation

In the throes of the Great Depression, a narrative of resilience and foresight unfolded at IBM under the stewardship of Thomas Watson.

At a time when the business world was in turmoil, with companies predominantly in survival mode, IBM charted a different course.

Watson steered the company towards innovation and maintaining a competitive edge, a stark contrast to the prevalent strategy of cutting costs and workforce.

Watson’s approach was not just about surviving; it was about setting the stage for thriving. By continuing to invest in the company and its employees,

IBM remained at the forefront of innovation.

This strategic vision paid off significantly in 1933, when IBM secured a massive contract from Roosevelt’s administration, a deal that underscored the company’s resilience and foresight.

This story serves as a powerful reminder that heroic and transformative leaders aren’t mythical creatures; they are present in every organisation.

The key lies in recognising and empowering these individuals, and if you enlist your own volunteer army to populate your internal innovative and solution-driven Creative Network, you’ll find them everywhere.

Their ability to see beyond the immediate crisis, to innovate and keep the competitive advantage, turns potential downturns into opportunities for growth, and change into new opportunity.

Watson’s leadership during the depression is a timeless example of how visionary leaders can navigate through the toughest times, setting their companies up for enduring success.

What’s your view, what’re your thoughts? Where’ve you found your own organisation’s hidden leaders? Do you have a Creative Network yet?

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