Exploring “Outsight”: A Skill for Enlighted Leaders

Exploring "Outsight": A Skill for Enlighted Leaders

Understanding the difference between “insight” and “outsight” can redefine how we approach leadership and decision-making.
“Insight” involves internal understanding, while “outsight” encourages us to look beyond our immediate environment, asking questions and considering perspectives that are not our own.
Why is “outsight” less common in business?
1. Fear of Appearing Uninformed: It’s challenging to ask questions that might seem basic, but it’s essential for comprehensive understanding.
2. Reliance on Routine: Comfort with the usual procedures often hinders the exploration of new ideas.
3. Success in High-Performing Teams: Teams that excel often use outsight to their advantage, understanding that external perspectives drive innovation.
John Kotter in “Change” discusses the distinction between a “burning platform” – a crisis-led response – and a “burning desire” – a proactive approach to change. This concept is crucial for leaders seeking to move from reactive to proactive strategies.
Outsight allows you to “get out of the office”, look around at what your stakeholders and competitors are doing, and open-up to the relentless opportunities that exist externally. 
It broadens your horizon for innovation and creativity and allows you to breath in the fresh air of inspiration.
How are you incorporating outsight into your leadership approach? How can moving beyond your comfort zone reshape your organisation’s future?
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