Runway Collisions and Incursions and What the Industry Does to Avoid Them

Runway Collisions and Incursions and What the Industry Does to Avoid Them

Runway collisions and incursions are critical issues in aviation safety. In 2023, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported 985 runway incursions in the US, a slight decrease from 1,732 in 2022. These incidents involve operational incidents, pilot deviations, and vehicle/pedestrian deviations.

The FAA categorises the causes of these incursions, with 60% attributed to pilot deviations, 20% to operational incidents, and another 20% to vehicle/pedestrian deviations. Many factors can come in to play. For example weather (Tenerife North 1977), misunderstood air traffic control instructions (ATC), incorrect ATC instructions, loss of situational awaress, mistaking taxiway markings, runway selection confusion, fatigue, air traffic density.

To address these concerns, the FAA has undertaken various actions, including detailed categorisation of incursions by region, highlighting the urgency and extent of the issue. To November 29, 2023, there were 1,760 total incursions categorised into operational incidents (338), other incidents (44), pilot deviations (1,070), and vehicle/pedestrian deviations (308) across different regions.

FAA Runway Incursion Totals for FY 2023

In the UK, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recognises runway incursions and excursions as significant safety issues. The CAA, along with industry partners, has developed a safety plan focusing on proactive and outcome-focused measures to enhance safety performance. This plan is part of a broader effort by the CAA and industry stakeholders to mitigate risks associated with runway incidents.

UK CAA Runway safety How we are working with industry to improve safety

The CAA has supported Eurocontrol in creating the European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions and Excursions. These plans contain comprehensive recommendations for organisations to review and implement, underscoring the collaborative effort required to enhance runway safety.

European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions (EAPPRI)


Opinion 03/2019 Runway safety

Understanding these statistics and ongoing efforts is crucial for industry professionals in mitigating the risks of runway collisions and incursions. Both the FAA and CAA play pivotal roles in setting standards and implementing strategies to enhance overall aviation safety.

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