Why Taking a Break from Your Desk Fuels Innovation: Insights from Neuroscience

Why Taking a Break from Your Desk Fuels Innovation: Insights from Neuroscience

The Surprising Neuroscience Behind Regular Breaks for Business Innovation

Ever wondered why your best ideas often strike when you’re away from your desk? Let’s dive into the neuroscience of innovation…….🧠

Staying glued to your desk might seem productive, but it could actually stifle your creative genius. Neuroscience reveals that physical movement stimulates brain activity, particularly in areas linked to problem-solving and creativity. So, next time you’re in a rut, a simple walk could be your ticket to the next big idea!

Physical activity boosts blood flow, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your brain. This isn’t just good for your health; it’s a catalyst for innovative thinking. Movement also allows your brain to wander, shifting from focused to diffused mode, where those ‘aha!’ moments often occur.

As business leaders and consultants, embracing this approach can revolutionise our workflow and spark transformative ideas. Let’s break the myth of constant desk-bound productivity and embrace movement as a tool for innovation.

Barry Eustance CMgr MCMI
Kotter Change Leader Certified
Principal Change & Transformation Consultant
The Sixsess Consultancy


What’s your experience?

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