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Welcome to StratNavApp.

Your life is just about to get a lot easier.

My name is Barry Eustance, I’m the Principal Change Practitioner at The Sixsess Consultancy.

I was looking for an application that would provide me with three dimensional or indeed four-dimensional modelling for my clients.

I was looking for something that could bring together PESTEL, SWOT, Ansoff, Boston… BCG Matrix. All of the various models that you would ordinarily expect to find on a bit of paper or on a spreadsheet or an Excel.

And I was looking around the web endlessly to try and find one application that brings it all together. StratNavApp does exactly that.

I found it through the #StratChat forum, which is, in fact, run by the developers of StratNavApp and draws together strategists from around the globe.

The functionality of the application is extraordinary. It, as I said, brings together all the usual strategy modelling: Ansoff, BCG, SWOT, PESTEL, RASCI – the whole gambit.

What’s extraordinary is how it pulls all of those together in a four-dimensional way – the fourth dimension being time, because it actually allows us to model forward projections, forecasts, actual versus forecasts.

So starting from the outset I would suggest that you go to the video help the developers have very kindly put together and work through that.

I can’t recommend it more highly. From a consultancy point of view it does absolutely everything I could want. And what’s really important is that the developers are very open to adding additional functionality.

So I invite you to dive in, play, get into the free subscription initially, as I did, work through it, understand how it works because it’s extremely intuitive.

And then when you have a problem it’s either there in the help, the contextual help that exists on just about every page, or directly via StratNavApp itself.

So I encourage you as a consultant, as a business owner, as a business strategist, as a startup to dive into StratNavApp.

Your life will become infinitely easier.

And, more importantly, you will have greater insights that just jump out of the page.

And if you’re thinking: what about the Business Model Canvas?

It’s there.

What about the Value Proposition Canvas?

It’s there.

And they all talk to each other – and that’s the extraordinary thing about StratNavApp.

Have fun.

I look forward to seeing you in a strategy forum very very soon.

Thank you.

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