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Change Leadership & Management

We are in the age of constant and accelerating change.

The UN predicts that frontier technologies will rise in value by 9x from US$350Bn in 2018 to US$3.12Trn by 2025.

AI is becoming mainstream..

Every organisation now needs to position itself to embrace continuous change, not only to thrive, but to survive.

Model required to do so effectively is fundamentally different from what's gone before.

We are Kotter Change Leader Program Certified, CMI Chartered (CMgr MCMI) and have been awarded the CMI Level & Masters level Diploma in Professional Consulting, so we have the experience, qualification and expertise to collaborate with you to meet this challenge.

We can help you to succeed in leading, managing and benefiting from change, and to build the processes that will allow you to do that continuously .
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Strategic planning

Whether a start-up, SME, enterprise or public sector organisation, strategic planning goes hand-in-hand with change leadership and management.

What is your strategic position?

What are you strategic options?

How will you develop your emergent strategy?

What processes will you employ to identify the bottleneck to your strategic aspirations?

What techniques and models will you use to identify strategic questions and how will you resolve them?

How will you identify and build your sustainable competitive advantage?

Like change, these are questions that must be constantly addressed.
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Trusted Advisors

Clients who engage us as Trusted Advisors receive our ongoing and on-demand expert advice, independent opinion, views, and guidance.

Our Trusted Advisory is not associated with a specific project.

Rather, it enables you to have continuing access to our expertise, independence of view and objectivity.

Clients using our Trusted Advisory service have direct access to us throughout the advisory period.

Necessarily, we are only able to provide our Trusted Advisory to a very limited number of clients at any given time.

The Sixsess Consultancy - Management Consultancy


A recent PwC survey reports that nearly 40% of CEOs think that their companies will not be economically viable in a decade, if they don't transform.

We can help change that dynamic in this age of accelerating change.

Our management consultancy can deliver value to you, through our knowledge, expertise, techniques, processes, independence and objectivity.
The Sixsess Consultancy - Aviation Consultancy - Jet At Gate


We have over four decades of aviation and airline experience having flown, operated, managed, marketed and operated a range of aircraft globally, including the some of the world's largest jets..

We have extensive expertise in aircraft purchase, management, marketing, sales, and global wide-body ultra-long haul jet, narrow body short-haul jet and corporate aircraft operations.

We are able to bring this experience and expertise to our clients and can be of particular value during acquisition and disposal processes.
The Sixsess Consultancy - Industrial Relations Consultancy

Industrial Relations

We have operated at the very highest level of Industrial Relations.

We have led negotiations and organisations on matters of pay, terms & conditions, geopolitical, environmental and organisational crises.

We have developed welfare and CSR policies, and have actively and pro-actively participated at international, national, organisational, and individual level.

We have the experience and understanding, and we can make the difference.
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