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Our “Why

Because change is constant and accelerating, our mission is to equip you to constantly succeed in seizing valuable and sustainable triple-bottom-line opportunity from it, and in doing so, significantly benefit your stakeholders and your community.

Never before in human history has the rate of change coming at you been so rapid.

The challenge is for you to seize the big opportunities this environment presents to you.

But How?

That’s the question we answer, using time-proven techniques that have the track-record to deliver.

Our Approach

Discover The Sixsess Consultancy’s Client-Centred Approach to Change Leadership & Change Management 

The Sixsess Consultancy’s methodology is meticulously designed around the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. Our commitment is to walk alongside you on a journey of transformation that is as rewarding as it is robust. Here’s a glimpse into our bespoke approach:

◉ Complimentary Evaluation: Your Journey Begins Here

Embarking on the path to change starts with our complimentary evaluation phase. We invest our time to delve into the heart of your organisation—its ethos, its people, its history, and its aspirations. It’s a phase of mutual exploration: we learn about you, and you learn about us. This stage is crucial in ensuring that our collaboration will be effective and that we’re positioned to drive meaningful, sustainable change together.

During this no-cost phase, you’ll have the opportunity to assess our approach and ensure that The Sixsess Consultancy aligns with your vision and values.

◉ Fixed-Fee Partnership: Value-Driven Engagement

We proceed with a transparent, fixed-fee contract based on the intrinsic value of your change initiative. This means no hourly rates—just a straightforward agreement that reflects the scope and impact of the project. We also manage agreed-upon expenses such as travel in a clear and upfront manner, ensuring there are no surprises along the way.

◉ Clarification: A Foundation for Success

With the groundwork laid, we enter the clarification stage. Here, through incisive questioning, data gathering, and problem-solving, we refine our understanding and validate your organisation’s needs. This step is about achieving crystal-clear alignment before moving forward.

◉ Creation: Crafting Solutions

Collaboration is key as we create customised solutions alongside your teams. By involving your people in the solution design, we ensure that strategies are not only effective but also resonate with those who will implement and work with them.

◉ Execution: Bringing Change to Life

We’re committed to not just planning but also executing the change program. By employing time-tested techniques, we work to drive and accelerate your initiative, maximising the likelihood of a successful outcome.

◉ Confirmation: Measuring Success

From day one, we implement agreed metrics and analyses to monitor and confirm the progress of your change initiative. Our goal is to ensure that the change takes root and becomes a natural part of your organisation’s fabric.

◉ Closure and Continuity: Ensuring Lasting Impact

As our day-to-day involvement winds down, we ensure a structured and smooth transition of knowledge and expertise to your team. Our relationship doesn’t end with the project; we strive to be a lasting partner, ready to support you as new challenges and opportunities arise.

About The Sixsess Consultancy

Guided by Barry Eustance CMgr MCMI, a Kotter Change Leader Certified, Chartered by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and holder of a CMI Masters level Diploma in Professional Consulting, The Sixsess Consultancy is a beacon of excellence in change and transformation. Our foundation is built on a team of world-class strategic partners and subject matter experts, all adhering to the rigorous standards set out by the CMI’s Code of Conduct & Practice.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can support your transformation journey.

Insurance and Assurance

Rest assured.  The Sixsess Consultancy is fully backed by substantial world-wide professional indemnity and liability insurance, giving you peace of mind as we navigate through change together.

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Our Values

We Are

Kotter Change Leader Certified

Chartered by the Chartered Management Institute (CMgr MCMI)

CMI Masters Level qualified in Professional Consulting

Committed to building long term relationships

Committed to excellence

Committed to our own continuous professional development

Ethical in all we do

Committed to CSR/ESG

We Do

Place the highest value on reputation

Insist upon providing value and performance for our clients

Know that exemplary leaders share vision and values

Believe that people are motivated by higher purpose

Provide highly bespoke, independent and objective advice

Insist on a mutual client/consultant fit

Treat every client as unique

Treat every assignment as unique

Provide zero-fee client evaluation

Use fixed-fee contracts

We Don't

Use time-based fees

Waste time, money or effort

Practice outside our core competencies

We Aren't

Afraid to say "no"

Afraid to be candid

Get To Know Us Better

Profile image of Deb Ashby

Deborah Ashby Microsoft MVP
Strategic Partner

Deb is a Microsoft Instructor and Content Creator who has been supporting and training Microsoft products for over 25 years.

Working in industries as diverse as legal, property and travel, she has trained thousands of students globally both in-person and online.

In 2019, Deb entered the world of freelancing and setup her own company, Train I.T. Now Limited and in 2022 she launched her brand ‘Cellmates Training’.

Focusing on creating engaging and fun video-lead Microsoft Training courses, her social media accounts where she posts daily Microsoft Tips have amassed a following of over 200,000 people in 8 months.

In 2023 Deb was given the Microsoft MVP award in recognition for her outstanding contributions to the Microsoft community.

Portrait of Gavin Brogan wearing gravy overlaid on a fawn background

Gavin Brogan
Strategic Partner

As the Managing Director of Coorie Dug, Gavin leverages 20+ years of experience in digital analytics and marketing to help clients optimise their online presence and achieve their business goals.
Coorie Dug is a digital consultancy that specialises in investigating and improving digital journeys across various channels and platforms..
Gavin’s core competencies include implementing analytics solutions, conducting A/B testing, providing actionable insights, and informing data-driven marketing strategies.

He also shares his expertise and insights on his blog, where he discusses topics such as digital intent, purpose, and strategy. Gavin is passionate about enhancing customer experiences and delivering results for both clients and partners.

Portrait of Sam Carter wearing gravy overlaid on a fawn background

Sam Carter
Strategic Partner

Sam is joint Managing Director of Coorie-Dug and has over a decade's experience in digital marketing data, recently as a digital data analysis (last 4 years).
Fluent in end-to-end analytics; from setting up data layers, to building tags in GTM controlled by cookie consent opt-in, through to building dashboards, and interrogating data to find anomalies, opportunities and actionable insights, UA/GA/GTM/PowerBI/Tableau.

Sam has built python scripts that leverage APIs to collect customer data sets, modelled data (intent classification & trend prediction to detect anomalies).

Before starting Royal London Sam worked in the Games industry, and before that she was running PPC at a marketing agency spanning many industries.

Peter Compo wearing a grey jacket against a fawn background

Peter Compo
The Emergent Approach to Strategy

After earning a PhD in Chemical Engineering from City College New York and a background in music, Peter Compo spent 25 years at E I DuPont. Working in both commodity products and tech ventures, he held leadership positions in marketing, supply chain, product, and business management and was the corporate lead for integrated business planning. Seeing the same strategy challenges and the same adaptive patterns of innovation in all these areas of experience inspired him to create the emergent approach and write The Emergent Approach to Strategy

The Emergent Approach to Strategy - red book
Tony Underwood Portrait on

Tony Underwood
Strategic Partner

After qualifying with an MA from Cambridge University, having previously gained a BSc at Leicester University, Tony went on to play international level rugby for England and also the British Lions.

He qualified as an airline pilot and became an Airbus A380 captain flying long-haul routes for a major carrier.

Operating at the very highest level in professional sport and aviation, ethics, teamwork and leadership have been central values for Tony, and he brings all these strengths to his Trust Centred Leadership program.

Tony is an ambassador for a number of major organisation
s and provides coaching and mentoring in Trust Centred Leadership.

He has EMCC Global Individual Coach/Mentor Accreditation and is MHS EQi2.0 Certified..

Chris Fox Profile

Chris Fox
Strategic Partner

Chris holds an MBA, a B.Com (Hons) in Information Technology, a B.Com in Accounting & Information Systems awarded by the University of Cape Town.

Chris is an independent business strategy development and execution consultant helping senior leaders to develop and execute evidence-based future-oriented business strategies.

Chris is also the founder of, the revolutionary collaborative software solution for business strategy development and execution.

It powers both his own consulting practice and many client organisations, including The SIXSESS CONSULTANCY, enabling us all to deliver higher quality results with more consistency.

Image of Strategic Partner Richard Nanton, FRAeS, FIoL on an beige background

Richard Nanton, FRAeS, FIoL
Strategic Partner

Richard's extensive experience includes: Thomas Cook Airlines UK – Director Flight Operations & Group Airlines Pilot Management; easyJet - Chief Pilot; Qatar Airways - Vice President Flight Operations Chief Pilot Recruitment; Jet2 - Chief Training Manager.

Captain and TRE on B737, A320, A330, B777, B747-400, ACJ320 NEO.

Founder CarboNetZero Ltd, enhancing efficiency amid regulatory and industrial shifts.

Business coach using Marshall Goldsmith, Global Coaching Group, and Human Synergistics for high performance.

Interest and Engagement-Based Industrial Relations for unionised environments;

Efficiency Improvements; AOC and ATO Support for safety, compliance, and organisational development; Jet Aircraft Selection, Operation, Management, and Crewing; Trusted Advisory Services for Airlines, Operators, ATOs, and Regulators

Barry Eustance CMgr MCMI Profile image in black polo with The Sixsess Consultancy Logo in a fawn background

Barry Eustance ChMgr MCMI
Principal Change & Transformation Consultant

Barry has over four decades of senior leadership experience.

Barry qualified as an airline pilot and became an Airbus A340 & A330 captain flying long-haul routes for a major carrier.

He has operated globally, and has successfully led very high value and successful negotiations

Barry is Kotter Advanced Change Leader Certified, has been chartered by the Chartered Management Institute (ChMgr MCMI) and has been awarded the CMI Masters' level Diploma in Professional Consulting.

Barry has provided aviation, airline and flight safety commentary for global major new media organisations including BBC News, TV and Radio, and Bloomberg

His experience has been hands-on and practical, backed by unimpeachable validation.

Picture of Dr Adam Harrison a strategic partner against a fawn aground. Adam is wearing a pink shirt

Dr Adam Harrison
Strategic Partner

Adam has Diplomas in Professional, Leadership and Executive Coaching BSc (1st Hons) MB BS (Lond) MRCGP (2008) DRCOG DFSRH LLB (Hons) Barrister-at-Law

Adam is an International Executive and Leadership Coach and Organisational Trainer Wellbeing expert, medical doctor, and Barrister-at-Law. He helps leaders develop leadership cultures based on the compassionate, servant, inclusive and relational leadership model paradigms. He undertakes confidence and mindset coaching for professionals who have also been the targets of workplace bullies.

His philosophy is mental and physical wellbeing, and he specialises in that arena, especially concerning professional burnout. Adam is also the creator and host of the podcast ‘Inspiring Women Leaders’

Image of David Winders BSc DTLLS against a beige background

David Winders BSc (Hons), DTLLS
Strategic Partner

David specialises in training, consulting, and mentoring in the creation and understanding of Operating Models and Business Architecture, training in business design, and improving business architecture capability in business change teams.

David also provides training in business design and business architecture.

David has delivered in this space for two decades.

He has also been an contributor to core references on business architecture.

Previous clients include AXA Life, AXA Insurance, DVLA, Friends Life, Skandia, Bank of Ireland Finance, Iveco Finance, LV, National Australia Bank Europe, Business Analyst Solutions, Barclaycard, Royal Bank of Canada, MTN Nigeria, YBS, TFL, Publicis Sapient, ITSM and Serco and major UK government organisations.

Play Video about Barry Eustance CMgr MCMI Principal Consultant with The Sixsess Consultancy in a black branded polo against a teal background with CMI and Kotter Certifications

Barry Eustance CMgr MCMI discusses Why The Sixsess Consultancy Uses StratNavApp for its Clients' Strategic Planning

What's in A name?

Our name, “Sixsess“, originated from our long-term observation and analysis of successful organisations.  

We found that, broadly, they exhibit six “S“s . 

These organisations are:  

  1. Simple  – to understand and operate
  2. Satisfying – for their stakeholders, not least their own people
  3. Straightforward – ethical, transparent
  4. Sustainable – economically and ecologically – they are committed to CSR
  5. Scalable – they have structures and strategies that drive and sustain growth
  6. Sellable – to their clients, stakeholders and potential investors

Barry Eustance CMgr MCMI Profile image in black polo with The Sixsess Consultancy Logo in a fawn background
Barry Eustance CMgr MCMI

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