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An art nouveau conceptualisation of creating strategy from a customer perspective - a person surrounded by interaction from others
Embracing a Customer-Centric Strategy

Embracing a Customer-Centric Strategy Transforming Perspectives: Customer-Centric Strategy Over Operational Focus In the rapidly evolving business world, have you ever considered flipping the script on

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Image of three concentric circles indicating the triple bottom line with a parched earth background fading in to green grass
Climate for a Change

Climate for a Change   “…as Rome burned….”   When you witness the current and very obvious climatic issues surrounding us, you must feel that

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The Sixsess Consultancy Change part 2 dice spelling change or chance on a note book
Change or Chance (Part 2) – The Executive Sponsor

In part 1 of this series  we took an overview of change (or transformation) “leadership” (versus “change management”). 

We also started by working towards how to position your organisation to be in the “touchdown zone” of the 30% change successes, rather than be one of the 70% “also-rans” of change failures.

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